Essentially this is it  

  • A crowdfunding campaign for a travel that would bring me to New York and Boston for 10-12 days, during the first two weeks of August, 2017! Here, I will meet some of the most original researchers and creative minds to discover the most recent interactions between art and science.

My questions, always too many     

  1. Can scientific concepts and results be at the same time rigorous and appealing?
  2. Research activities that involve also citizens, termed as citizen science, have already been proposed and organized. Can they produce significant and reliable results?
  3. If 1. is yes, is then 2. more likely yes as well?

During the travel     

  • Visit some organizations and academic institutions that are very prolific in artistic or scientific research. A few examples:

SciArt Center, in many ways fosters collaborations between artists and scientists.

MIT Media Lab, the most famous academic institution in this field, is a monument to creativity.

Sprout & co. offers citizens of all ages new interactions with science.

Boslab works to make access to science and biotechnologies more open to the community.

  • Meet scientists and artists in person, inside their offices, ateliers, or simply sat down in a coffee shop. I’ll start friendly , curious to learn more about their passion and their creative processes.
  • Produce recordings of the dialogs. I strongly believe that sharing contents freely is a great way to enhance a wider discussion with people that are curious to these themes but physically distant

After the travel  

  • Re-elaborate the audio material and upload it regularly, as episodes of a podcast  .
  • As a collaboration with artists met during my travel and Galleria Moitre, the showcase Ristorante Belvedere will host tech-art installations in public spaces in Turin
  • A simple scientific experiment with a format (you won’t be bored!) will engage the people met in the travel as well as those who supported me.

Before, during and after     

  • Build a network of connections to foster future scientific and artistic projects. New ragù sauce for new lasagnas!

Ok, I got it. But who are you??

Do you want to contribute to   ?

  • Here is the link to the web page of the crowdfunding campaign. Any financial support will be enormously appreciated!
  • If the theme somehow intrigues you, please write me without overthinking it!